The Impact Of Social Signals On SEO

  If you’ve been following Google for a number of years then you’ll understand why you need to read between the lines when it comes to information that they put out about SEO. In 2014, Matt Cutts (former Head Of Spam at Google) claimed that just because your website received a mention on social media […]

The Case For Https

  Let’s cut to the chase! What the heck is Https and why should you even care? Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands […]

The Mobile Apps Penalty

  April 21, 2015 saw ‘MobileGeddon’ or in other words, Google’s algorithmic update which penalised websites that weren’t mobile friendly. Whilst most website owners called in their web developers to create an independent mobile website or make their sites mobile responsive, some savvy business owners saw an opportunity to go one step further and used […]

Local SEO: When 7 Became 3

  If you’re into local SEO – whether it’s for your own business or for your clients then you’ve probably noticed that Google has made significant changes to its local maps listings (unless you’ve been living under a rock!). Google implemented these new changes on August 6th, 2015.   Big Changes To The Local Pack […]

Leverage YouTube For Free Leads

  According to Alexa, YouTube is the 3rd biggest website for traffic in the world – after Google and Facebook. As far as search engines go, it’s the second biggest after Google. And you probably already know that Google own YouTube so you have a good chance of picking up organic traffic from Google’s SERPs […]

How To Protect Your Site From Getting Hacked

  Running WordPress? Are you in the public domain with a strong brand presence? It’s a measure of your success that the more you grow your business presence online, the more vulnerable you become to online attacks. Most of the time it’s not even personal. Instead it’s someone launching a piece of software that scans […]

Phantom Update Test Results

  Google released an update to it’s core search engine algorithm in April/May 2015. The algorithm wasn’t announced in advance, like many of the other big updates: e.g. EMDs, Panda, Penguin and so on. Google did confirm after this big update that it had made changes but it declined to give much detail. There was […]

Are You Missing This Trust Factor?

  There are 3 pages on your website that I’ve seen far too many local business owners missing. Not having these in place could leave them open to a potential legal claim in the future from a disgruntled customer. The 3 pages that I’m referring to are: 1. Privacy Policy 2. Terms of Use 3. […]

A Case For Non Linking Urls

  One of my peers received a notice in GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) whilst he was looking through for crawl errors on his website. This is when he found a link (which was broken) and bizarrely, the link was coming from a site that only had his website pasted in as a raw url, ie. […]

10 Point SEO Audit Checklist

  Professional audits… who needs them?! Well, if you’re tired of the way that your website currently looks and are looking for a re-design (or you have a client that is), it’s worth noting that the way in which your site is setup WILL have an influence on how Google ranks you in its SERPs […]