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Could you benefit from an SEO consultant? The majority of business owners in London that I’ve spoken to recently have used an SEO agency or marketing firm (on occasion, in house, but more commonly outsourced to an Internet Marketer) and are now finding that their SEO results have stagnated.
Prior to 2011, knowing how to ‘game’ the search engines had become common knowledge for an SEO, if they bothered to do their research. With the ability of Yahoo’s Site Explorer (no longer available), it became painstakingly easy for any SEO to analyse their competition’s backlinks and then go and build a few hundred more backlinks to outrank them.
After Google introduced their Panda and Penguin updates, many SEO companies found that their strategies no longer worked and proclaimed that SEO no longer worked. Yet Google still displays 10 organic search results on the first page, so this myth can be immediately debunked.

Searching For SEO Services

If you are a local business owner or are searching for SEO services, then I’m pretty sure you’ve spent thousands of pounds on SEO already. And if you haven’t, I can assure you that I know plenty that have and they never even got close to getting a first page ranking.
What this equates to is businesses that are paying for a service which they believe will bring them ‘free traffic’ but which ultimately holds no value for them. Even today, I have seen SEO companies that still use outdated strategies making bold claims about the results they will produce and showing case studies from several years ago as proof of what they can do.
For sure, they may have once produced results but can they still do that today? I compare the analogy with the Yellow Pages. It charges companies a large amount of money to have a listing in its directory, but the reality is that fewer and fewer people even open the Yellow Pages anymore. Especially if they have a smartphone which makes it super easy to do a quick search in Google.

Trust Online Is An Issue

It’s no surprise that many local business owners are sceptical about who they can trust online. Especially if they were once promised page one rankings that never materialised, or rankings that came for a brief amount of time, only for the site to tank once Google released its next update.
I hate seeing other companies promise a page one ranking and then leaving the local business owner high and dry when they fail to deliver on their promise six months down the road. Cash flow is king for every business.
For a local business owner serving their community, investing into a service that fails to deliver can make the difference between survival and failure. I have seen local business owners invest money into services from a London SEO firm, on the premise that they would see a return, but never see that return materialise.
Some local business owners can afford to write off SEO services that don’t work as a marketing expense. But it doesn’t need to be that way. If your SEO firm isn’t looking after you and you haven’t seen a return within even six months, it’s no surprise if you become highly sceptical of anyone else that claims to offer the same service.

Which SEO company in London ?

The truth about SEO is that there are many roads to the holy grail of a page one ranking. Not every SEO firm employs the same strategies and techniques. There is no one unique path that provides all of the answers because there are now many different ranking factors to consider. I go into more detail about this in my complimentary report which you can download here.
If you’re after a London SEO Expert then make sure you are dealing with a professional that can answer all your technical questions when it comes to ranking.

SEO Geek London

I empathise if you are concerned about who to choose to help you with SEO services. That’s why I’ve become an SEO geek. Truth be told, I live, breathe and talk SEO with anyone that cares to listen.
I go to sleep thinking about SEO. I wake up in the morning thinking about SEO. It’s become a passion of mine and the passion is fuelled when I deliver results for local business owners like yourself. Knowing that I can make a change to someone else’s future gives me immense satisfaction.
Businesses that employ my services choose me because they see me as a natural extension to their business, an SEO partner if you like. If I can’t add value to your business through my own SEO services then our relationship isn’t going to last.
So there you have it… my ramble on why you need to choose carefully about which SEO expert in London you venture with. Thanks for staying with me so far. In return I’m gonna give you some good stuff that’ll help you decide what to do next.

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Even if you ultimately decide that you’d prefer the services of some other SEO expert, I know that by preparing you, you’ll be saving some precious money from going down the drain to another SEO company in London that may promise to get improve your rankings but in reality can’t take your business any further.
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