Video Notes:

1. Create content around link building so that the search engines understand the context of your links and to make them relevant.

2. What is driving shares? See what is popular and use this.

3. What content from your competitor’s website is being linked to? You don’t need to copy them but if they have figured out what the market wants then use this to build links to your site or the client’s site.


4. Ahrefs and Google Analytics are good places to find web pages for popular content that you can expand upon.

5. Link Analysis: is the link passing value? What is the quality and the intent of the link? The vast majority of links that are manually built do not pass value.

6. Forum links: not favoured by Google but they do drive traffic and customers so balance up the risks vs benefits.


7. Anchor text backlinks do work but we live in the middle of optimisation and penguin.

8. Don’t look for sites that are already high in Domain Authority. Any tool that measures authority isn’t perfect and a lower domain authority site may be good enough to acquire links from, especially if it’s gaining traction.

9. Negative SEO: using the disavow tool. May need to wait for the next real time penguin refresh to see the benefits.


10. Disavowing may not get your site back to where it originally was as some links are artificially inflating the site’s ranking. Google denies that negative SEO exists – it claims to understand intent but this is not true in real life.

11. Google needs to re-crawl the cache of the page so don’t leave the disavowing of links too late. If you’re going to start 2 weeks before the penguin refresh is due then this probably won’t be enough time.

12. Use infographics to capture attention and break up your content.


13. Think about the end in mind when creating your content. Why would people share your content? Find the audience and create content around it. Don’t try to create first and then find the audience for your content.

14. Bite size content is more likely to be shared. Long form content is more likely to get linked to.

15. Dealing with negative SEO: it might be better to start a new site and 301 redirect the authority over rather than waiting for the next penguin refresh.