One of the key components in the current algorithm is how much traffic your site gets.

Unless you’re willing to invest into PPC (pay per click) or put some time into the social media behemoths: Facebook and Twitter, it can be difficult to get traffic from other means than the search engines.

This can lead to a catch 22 situation. You’re relying on traffic from the search engines to bring you targeted leads but one of the current factors that Google is looking into is how much traffic your site receives away from what IT sends you.

Fortunately there are other sites on the Internet where you can syndicate your content to and receive a ton of traffic from in return.

It sounds ironic but the more traffic (and less reliant) you receive from other sources apart from Google, the more it’s going to favour your site in return – assuming that you do all the right things for your On Page and Off Page SEO of course.

Here’s the list (not including the big 2: Facebook and Twitter)

1. Slideshare

You can repurpose a blog post from your website into a PowerPoint presentation and upload it directly to Slideshare. There’s already a lot of traffic on the website so you may as well tap into it.


Infographics are hot because they display information in a format that’s catchy and easy to digest.

Take advantage by turning the same blog content into an infographic and sharing it here.

3. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is the premier business networking site out there. A big advantage of syndicating your blog content onto the site is the authority that you can quickly build.

4. Pinterest

Have you created an infographic related to your blog content? Great, now you can upload it and get a ton more traffic just by reposting to Pinterest.

No lengthy articles required – the idea of this ‘social media’ site is to pin a graphic to your board and then enjoy the traffic that follows.

5. Instagram

The new Facebook for the cool kids. If you’re into building a strong brand then this is a good place for you.

6. Triberr

The idea here is to join a targeted tribe to help you build relationships with other bloggers. You can ‘earn traffic’ quickly by sharing other people’s content.

7. StumbleUpon

If your site has quality content then it’s worth adding it to the StumbleUpon network. If users like then it’ll get shared. You’ll know if your content gets liked because they’ll rate your posts. The higher the ratings, the more it’s likely to appear in the search.

8. Google Plus

Google Plus hasn’t quite taken off in the way that the big search engine wanted it to. However the site still has a lot of traffic on it so get involved in the communities, add value and keep promotional content to a minimum so that you don’t violate the guidelines.

9. Reddit

There is a huge amount of traffic to this forum style website. Dive deep and find relevant threads – referred to as sub-Reddits.

The key on this site it to add value and drive visitors back to your site by using non-salesy content. Promotional/marketing content can quickly get flagged as spam.

10. BizSugar

This site is perfect if you’re a small business owner. Other bloggers share their business tips on this site so it’s a great place to share your content with a targeted audience.



You don’t need to use all of these sites but I do recommend that you stay consistent in the sites that you post to.

Traffic can quickly compound once you build up a good reputation as someone that adds value to the site.