Today I want to give you a quick tip that will make a massive difference to your website.

If you’re using WordPress (and you should be if you are serious about SEO) for your website then you should make a change to your settings in your dashboard.


Well, WordPress by default works well ‘Out Of The Box’ (i.e. on a new fresh installation) but there’s still a few tweaks that you should be making. And this one tweak will make a big difference to your On Page SEO.


The Importance Of Permalinks

What I’m referring to is the permalinks. This in a nutshell, is how the inner pages on your website appear.

When you install WordPress on your website the standard permalink setting is: <-- this part after the / is the permalink.

Quick Start Guide

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Login to your WordPress back end
2. On the dashboard, scroll down to Settings
3. Select Permalinks
4. Click on Custom Structure and paste the following into the box:


5. Now scroll down and click the ‘Save Changes’ button

And that’s it!

Every time you now make a new post or a page, your inner page won’t look like a random set of characters but instead will take the name of your title.

So if your title of your page was ‘Our Services’ then your page would now look like:


The Benefits Of Permalinks

The benefit of this is 2 fold:

1. First it makes it easier for the search engines to identify what your page is about and this will give your inner page a rankings boost.

2. When it comes to indexing and being found by end users, a page that says /our-services is way more assuring than /?p=225.

Setting up your permalinks will assure your users that they’re on the right page of your website.

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