I will soon be launching my book, Seo Expert Strategies, and I need your advice!

Could you spare a couple of minutes and let me know your top 3 favourite book covers from the selection below?


        Cover #1
        Cover #2
        Cover #3
        Cover #4


        Cover #5
        Cover #6
        Cover #7
        Cover #8



Imagine that you were shopping in the Amazon store and looking to buy a book on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

– Which of these covers catches your attention and WHY?

Know that I value your opinion and any feedback that you can offer is greatly appreciated. Please be critical. Negative/constructive feedback of the covers is way more helpful than a simple “I like covers 3 and 4”.

If you think you can do a better job, or know someone that can (at a reasonable price!) then get in touch.

Send your top 3 favourites, with a few lines explaining why, to info (at) seoservicelondon.org