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Ankit’s Question:

‘See this website

They have included text under footer area.

I need to know whether its good idea to add relevant text under footer area of landing page(not all pages).

You know sometimes we do not want to add lot of text on landing pages so I think its a good idea to load content with some relevant keywords. Surely, I will not over stuff & use relevant information’.


‘Google generally does not like Landing pages because they are thin on content and they also prefer that ppc (paid ads) are used for Landing Pages, rather than sending a company ‘free leads’ via organic traffic.

You can use additional text in the footer like have done but you may find that on your Landing Page that it will distract the user and lower conversions.

What I would recommend is that you actually create a pre Landing Page. This could be a blog post that talks about the benefits of opting in and actually links out to the Landing Page within the post, as a contextual link.

You can rank the blog post and this way your conversions would be higher quality, as you’ve already sold the benefits to the user of opting in. The Landing Page would then have a higher conversion rate, because the traffic coming to it from the blog post, is highly targeted’.


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